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Versatility is the key word for the Dan Ryan Woods Pavilion. The wide open design can be arranged to suit a variety of affairs, functions and occasions. This pavilion can accommodate approximately 120 guests and is perfect for your next banquet, meeting, seminar, luncheon or reception. Additionally, the Dan Ryan Woods Pavilion has a smartly designed kitchen for light food preparation.


Availability Capacity Rental Fee Outdoor Event Fee*
Monday - Thursday 120 Cook County Resident $77/hr Cook County Resident $61 *
Monday - Thursday 120 Non-resident $102/hr Non-Resident $67 *
Friday - Sunday 120 Cook County Resident $102/hr Cook County Resident $61 *
Friday - Sunday 120 Non-resident $128/hr Non-Resident $67 *

*(Required April 15 – October 15)

Weekend Availability Update: 

September:   Sunday 22nd (9am-1pm only),  Friday 27th (6pm-10pm only), Saturday 28th (9am-2pm only)

October:   Friday 4th (anytime),  Saturday 12th (6pm-10pm only), Sunday 13th (5pm-10pm only), Friday 18th (anytime), Sunday 20th (9am-2pm only), Friday 25th (anytime), Saturday 26th (9am-1pm only), Sunday 27th (anytime)

November: Friday 1st (anytime), Sunday 3rd (anytime), Saturday 16th (9am-3pm only), Friday 22nd (anytime),  Sunday 24th (anytime), Friday 29th (anytime), Sunday 30th (anytime).  Closed on Thanksgiving.

December: all Fridays available, all Saturdays available, all Sundays available.   Closed Christmas Day and New Years Eve.

Bookings and Cancellations are ongoing and ever-changing, please call for the most up to date availability

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How to Apply

Applications are reviewed and processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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E-mail your completed application to info@forestpreserveevents.com or schedule a time to bring it to the indoor permit office at 6100 N Central Ave, Chicago IL 60646.

Office & touring hours vary.  Call or text 773.558.2003 if you are interested in stopping by in person.

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