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Address ‣ 8030 Chicago Ave, River Forest, IL 60305

This event venue is anchored by a stone masonry traditional gas-lit fireplace which adds richness to the restoration of the entire facility. Two meeting rooms can be used either as a single space or two separate functions, which can accommodate approximately 120 or 80/40 guests accordingly. A convenient prep-type kitchen is on-site.


East Room

Availability Capacity Rental Fee
Monday - Thursday 80 Cook County Resident $79/hr
Monday - Thursday 80 Non-resident $104/hr
Friday - Sunday 80 Cook County Resident $109/hr
Friday - Sunday 80 Non-resident $135/hr

West Room

Availability Capacity Rental Fee
Monday - Thursday 40 Cook County Resident $63/hr
Monday - Thursday 40 Non-resident $94/hr
Friday - Sunday 40 Cook County Resident $94/hr
Friday - Sunday 40 Non-resident $120/hr

Both Rooms

Availability Capacity Rental Fee Outdoor Event Fee (Apr 15 - Oct 15)
Monday - Thursday 120 Cook County Resident $142/hr Cook County Resident $210 *
Monday - Thursday 120 Non-resident $198/hr Non-resident $230 *
Friday - Sunday 120 Cook County Resident $203/hr Cook County Resident $210 *
Friday - Sunday 120 Non-resident $255/hr Non-resident $230 *

*(Required April 15 – October 15)
Special Use Every Day Price - Resident & Non-resident $10

Weekend Availability Update

Availability below is for the East (larger) Room:

January:   Friday 31st (anytime)

February:   Sunday 2nd (anytime), Friday 7th (anytime),  Sunday 9th (6-10pm),  Friday 14th (anytime), Saturday 15th (anytime), Sunday 16th (anytime), Saturday 22nd (9am-2pm only), Sunday 23rd (6-10pm only)

March:    Friday 6th (anytime), Sunday 8th (6-10pm only), Friday 13th (anytime), Saturday 14th (5pm-10pm only), Sunday 15th (4pm-10pm only), Friday 20th (anytime),  Sunday 22nd (anytime), Friday 27th (anytime), Saturday 28th (6pm-10pm only), Sunday 29th (anytime)

April:    Sunday 5th (6-10pm only), Friday 10th (anytime), Saturday 11th (9am-1pm only), Friday 17th (anytime), Saturday 18th (anytime), Friday 24th (anytime)

May:    Friday 1st (anytime), Saturday 2nd (anytime), Friday 8th (anytime),  Sunday 10th (6-10pm only), Friday 15th (anytime), Sunday 17th (anytime), Friday 22nd (anytime),  Friday 29th (anytime)

The West  (smaller) Room has more open weekend availability for events 40 guests and under.

Bookings and Cancellations are ongoing and ever-changing, please call or fill out an inquiry form below to inquire about the the most up to date availability of your date

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How to Apply

Applications are reviewed and processed on a first-come, first-served basis. 

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E-mail your completed application to info@forestpreserveevents.com or schedule a time to bring it to the indoor permit office at 6100 N Central Ave, Chicago IL 60646.

Office & touring hours vary.  Call or text 773.558.2003 if you are interested in stopping by in person.

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